Saturday, August 25, 2007

when you have nothing to say..

They call it "mental block" or "mental black-out". Whatever. It happens when you stand in front of many people and you just don't know what to say to them. Eeeekk! This can be truly embarrassing! What do you do when it happens?

Hard question. When you are right there in front of a big crowd and you don't know what to say, do the following:
1. Smile, wave at the audience, and say something. Say "Hi" "How are you?". This will slowly flush out the jitters that are making your mind go blank.
2. Start talking about why you are there. What are you supposed to do there in front of them? Talk about it. Are you supposed to sing? Deliver a speech? Tell them.
3. By this time you should already be able to warm your mind so that your thinking juices will start flowing.
4. Let go of all inhibitions. The audience won't bite you. Just let your mind go and try to focus it on the topic of the moment.

Never, never allow mental block to rule you and cause you undue humiliation. Pick up yourself and simply focus.


Anonymous said...

these are pretty good strategies to start with and will be a big help in impromptus'.... it will definitely help...Ü-william olam

Anonymous said...

i really am fascinated with people who can talk in front of many people. they really are gifted. But i know that me myself can also enhanced what i have.-william olam

Anonymous said...

when i have nothing to say, i'm speechless. i'm troubled. i'm shy. i feel anxious and i fail. -william olam