Sunday, August 26, 2007

the worst things that could happen on stage

There are events that are beyond anyone's control and they could happen at times when they should not. I am talking about problems and inconveniences that occur during a major program or show. What can be done?

1. power failure or blackout ---- if there is a generator, no problem, but when you only depend on the city's power supply, then I think the show has to wait or if the brownout will take the whole day, it has to be postponed to another date which sucks

2. natural calamities --- strong rains, wind, thunder, lightning, earthquake, fire or what-have-you----if you're safe inside a sturdy building maybe you can go ahead with the show after you have consoled the audience that everything is all right and under control

3. stampede --- which leads to people getting hurt or killed----should you go on with the show?

4. bomb scare----a bomb scare is suddenly announced in the middle of the show, should you go ahead?

5. performers collapsing on stage --- I've seen one dancer falling to the floor in the middle of a dance number and the other members just went on with their gig unmindful of what happened.

6. no audience----a singer appeared to a concert where he was supposed to perform only to be told that the show is cancelled because only 5 people bought tickets. Did the performer cancel the show? You bet he didn't. He went ahead and performed in front of these 5 people.


Anonymous said...

if i would be a singer and i will encounter this problems... i would probably walk out and find some nice things to do....-william olam

Anonymous said...

i really am afraid of standing infront of people but somehow its manageable. but encountering these problems would definitely make me weak. thats why its really a worst thing to happen.-william olam

Anonymous said...

Remember Nobody ever died from stage fright. But, according to surveys, many people would rather die than give a speech. If that applies to you, try out some of the strategies in this section to help get yourself under control. Realize that you may never overcome stage fright, but you can learn to control it, and use it to your advantage. But still its hard to overcome it- william olam