Tuesday, August 7, 2007

some flava here, please!

This blog needs some kind of flava to attract people to stay-----this, according to a blog reviewer plus all the other stuff I need to do which simply implies total overhauling. LOL---that would be overly hard for me to do considering my "expertise" in the area of design and lay-out. But I am going to do a few adjustments here like devote more time in discussing youth lingo. Yeh, I will stretch the coverage of this blog to include the different varieties of a language like maybe throw in some new gay words or maybe punky words to add flava and color to this seemingly formal and classroom type blog.

Okey. I give in. I will shed off the long gown and wear my jeans and t-shirt as I am wont to do when I go out of the house. Honestly, I'm more comfortable in everyday clothes. So this is it, this blog will still talk about the same subject-----communication-----but in more informal manner. No more the long face of an earnest school teacher.

I need some spicing up and some blood in this blog----I really need to do a little snooping around to hear the latest youth slang.

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