Friday, May 25, 2007

Will your teacher think it weird that you always make it a point to say something before your class ends?

In this part of the world where the opening of classes start in June, students are now gearing up for the coming schoolyear. Starting it with a bang may be the best advice that students can get from here. Or, putting your best foot forward will most likely lead to a very good ending---awards, medals, and citations.

The school is one great place for individuals to find opportunities to develop their potentialities. It is where great speakers, writers and leaders are hatched. It is important that students know how to find and when to use these opportunities for personal growth.

The classroom is the best place for training students the necessary skills such as speaking and writing. Students should be given equal opportunities to develop and show these skills or talents in guided class activities. However, it is generally observed that classrooms seldom offer or allow students to hone their gifts because teachers still use the traditional method of instruction wherein teacher talk still dominates the scene. In such a set-up, students are rarely heard or given the chance to say something. During the entire class time, students sit and listen to the teacher deliver his talk. The bell rings, teacher goes out, students wait for the next teacher and the same thing happens. The whole day at school ends without the students being able to practice any skill.

Let us break this monotony. A student who desires to excel not only in the classroom should find ways to interact with his teacher or classmates during the entire period. She should call the attention of the teacher at one point, and give her point of information in the form of a question or a statement. There are some teachers who do not even bother to ask the students for any questions but just goes on and on reading the book or copying information from the book to the board.

As a student you should make it a point to say something in every class. Let us say you have 9 subjects everyday. If you make it a habit to raise your hand and say something before the bell rings in all your 9 subjects, that makes a total of 9 sentences a day! Multiply that by 5 x the number of weeks then the months the whole year. See what I mean? You would have said so many at the end of the year!

Will teachers wonder why you are that active in class? Well, they should know better. If they are not giving you the opportunity, create it yourself. It will not hurt you nor your teacher if you make a daily goal of speaking up in every subject. It will only make you a better speaker everyday.

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