Sunday, May 20, 2007

we have grown

How fast time flies. A few blogs away I was sharing with everybody about our dog Lara who was in heat at that time and how it created a lot of noisy commotion in our otherwise sleepy neighborhood. Well, as you can guess, that stage was long over.

Fast forward, Lara has brought forth 6 liters; unfortunately, one did not make it, so that left us with 5 new members of the family--- 2 browns, 2 blacks, 1 white (the dead one was white). As of this date, the puppies are only a few days old so their eyes are still closed and they only crawl around in their new made-of cartoon house. Soon, we are going to move them to a bigger cage but that will be for later.

With two big dogs around the house, what do we do with 5 more? We have already figured that out. We will probably keep one or two, and the rest will be up for adoption. We are looking for good foster homes for these puppies when the time comes. And yes, one male is already owned by a friend whose kids had been pestering him to get one.

Photos above show only 3 of the 5. Aren't they lovely?

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