Tuesday, May 15, 2007

this girl knows her stuff

Curiousity and interest led me to this girl's blog and site which I got from Mylot community and from then on, I got hooked. I am impressed and lucky to get her links here as part of my list of resources. Her blog, http://www.beasavvywriter.blogspot.com contains very spontaneous and useful guides to becoming savvy writers. I got tickled brown reading her article on how to handle rejection letters---yeah, you can do service to the environment because there is such a thing as fruitful recycling and the blog handled this with a large dose of humor that one can't escape a good laugh. I am surely going to go back in order to read everything she got in there because this lady knows how to handle the language with such ease and smoothness, especially when read aloud, her articles just feel like ice cream to the mouth---nice and smooth.

I may be easy to impress, but there is no doubt about it--Ashley is doing an impressive job in that blog---lay-out, good; language, very good; variety of content, worth a daily visit.

Wait---Ashley has come up with a new site you don't wanna miss. I was there and I saw the great promise of http://www.bellevere.net. The first page gives an appropriate welcome with this phrase "beautiful soul, key to a gorgeous life". With this catch phrase, who wouldn't be enticed to stay and discover its hidden treasures? This site showcases the secrets to real Beauty, Love, Dieting, Fitness, REcipes and everything you need to have a beautiful life. It is a great site owned by one so intelligent and gifted.

Ashley knows what she is talking about as evidenced by her works. Links to both her sites are found in all my four blogs so anytime I want to give myself a break from the monotony of everything, I just make a visit to Ashley's blog and site.
Two thumbs up for this young lady!
The photo above features the front page of Ashley's latest website.

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Ashley said...

You are so sweet and officially entered in the contest! I just started bloggerwave. I got paid $10 just to blog about their site. I personally prefer payperpost.com, which I will give you a referral link to if you want. Right now, I'm testing out bloggerwave, I honestly don't want to refer you yet if they end up not even paying, lol. I love all your comments. They make amy day a little brighter.