Wednesday, May 9, 2007

will the many prohibitions lead to clean elections?

May 14 is one date Filipinos will have to watch. After six long years of silence Filipinos will be speaking up their minds in their ballots, trooping once again to their assigned precincts to cast their votes for the people who will again lead this country for the next 6 years. Do we dare make the same mistakes again?

While listening to TV Patrol tonight, I heard one newscaster enumerate the things that are not allowed this coming elections. Failure to follow any one of these could lead to 1 to 16 years imprisonment (if I heard it right), and disqualification for the candidates involved. It pays to know the things that are prohibited on election day:

1. Wearing of campaign t-shirts, caps, and other stuff bearing the name of a candidate.
2. Giving or receiving money from candidates.
3. Candidates giving free rides to voters.
4. No peddlers and other street hawkers are allowed to sell anywhere near the precincts.
5. Gambling of any sort during elections.
6. Drinking during elections.
7. No free food or feeding of voters by candidates.

Those are the only major guidelines I can recall. Look at all of them. If we can only strictly follow these guidelines, do you think this will pave the way towards a clean and honest election?

Yes. There is always hope for those who do not lose hope.

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