Saturday, May 26, 2007

unskilled graduates are more expensive, say companies


According to a study, companies have second thoughts about hiring graduates of certain schools that did not equip their students with important skills that are necessary in the workplace.

Top firms say that unskilled graduates are more expensive in the long run because they still need to be retrained and the budget for training these graduates with no or very little know-how could drain companies' pockets.

This is the reason why companies always look for graduates of schools that are known for their highly skilled graduates.

What particular skills do these companies look for?

1. Communication skills: Speaking, listening, reading, writing

2. Computer skills

3. PR skills (could very well follow if you have no. 1)

4. Others (driving, carpentry, nursing, cooking, etc.)

Focus on item no. 1---Companies generally look for people who are highly skilled in the various aspects of Communication.

Question: Where do people get their training in this area?

Answer: In school.

Question: Are the schools giving us this training?

Answer: Some, but not all.

Question: What does this mean?

Answer: It means low demand for your sevices. Solution? To go to a school that addresses this need.

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