Thursday, May 10, 2007

smiling at strangers

This is not one habit I have-- I mean, smiling isn't. That is why this afternoon I was surprised to find myself smiling at someone I did not know. Actually, my granddaughter and I were at Jollibee because she wanted some rice and steak and while we were waiting for the food to be served, Dewey, my granddaughter said something which made me smile. Along came a woman who saw me smiling and who smiled in return like we knew each other. She was actually a stranger to me and I found it weird that it seemed that I initiated that when I was only smiling at what Dewey said to me. Anyway, I thought, why not? It does not cost you anything to just smile at everyone you meet. It will make them wonder what is it you have in mind and what got into you. So lesson for the day: SMILE AT EVERYONE YOU MEET TODAY. It will cost you nothing but it will make this world (cliche) " a much better place to live in."

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