Tuesday, May 8, 2007

did an ad for radio with my son

Late this afternoon my son and I did a voice recording for a campaign radio ad. It came out just fine and I realized when I was doing the whole thing that it's been quite a while since I last worked for radio. It seemed like a million years ago when I was an active radio practitioner. I did newscasting, campus bulletin, Guest at Lunch and I had several radio names like Lady Love, Iya Tasing, Inday Tess, and Gramiraf. I was connected with two radio stations but my first stint was with DYWC, then later on I moved to Love RAdio. All these are part of a past that is hard to forget.

That is why when Atty. Saleto Erames, my candidate for Board Member, requested my son to do it, I readily volunteered to do bits of the script which the great man did himself. All in all, the production came out well. The ad will be aired early morning before the news, then at lunch time, and in the evening.
By the way, the photo above shows my son with a celebrity--that's not me.

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