Friday, May 11, 2007

kicking, beating dogs

We do not kick nor beat our dogs. So when someone else in the house, like a helper, does this for no reason, we would be very angry. My son Mark who is a pet lover taught a lesson to one such person in the house whom he saw kicking our dog because she wanted to pass. Mark gave her a kick too for kicking our dog which was only sleeping in one corner but got kicked because the helper wanted to pass. This incident was repeated a couple of days ago by the daughter of our helper who just kicked our pregnant dog Lara for no reason. I mean, what's the problem with these people? Did they get kicked a lot by people in their own homes from wherever they came from to do this to creatures that are helpless? I instantly gave her a scolding, telling her that we do not kick dogs in our house, and therefore, because this is not her house, she has no business kicking our dogs whom we treat and consider as members of the family.

I think that people who exhibit cruelty to animals or helpless creatures should be punished. Cruelty to any form of life should never be tolerated in this society we call humane and peace-loving.

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