Friday, June 1, 2007

what do you do in a speech class?

You, as a teacher, are assigned to teach Speech this schoolyear. It is a new subject to you but you accept it anyway.

What activities can you use in order to optimize the students' time in learning speaking skills? There are quite a number of activities and I will mention those which I had tried and tested in my Speech classes for the past 23 years.
On the first day of meeting, after you have introduced yourself and given the course objectives as well as the importance of the subject, let your students introduce themselves one by one. Do not only require them to give their names and courses. You have to state in black and white what each student wants the whole class to know about her or him---goals, ambition, class expectations. This activity will help you identify this early those with potential and those who need help. While the students are at it, be sure to take note of mispronounced words and take them up with everybody 10 minutes before the class ends. After the self-intro you may now start giving a bird's eyeview of what they will be learning in that subject during the entire semester. This might take only 30 minutes to some and a whole hour to many. After all the blah, let us start going through the different activities Speech teachers can use in their classes:

1. newscasting (for radio or television)--encourage the students to observe professional newscasters and to try to imitate their favorites

2. phone call (irate customer and rep)---they will do this by pairs, one is a native English speaker while the other one is a customer service rep

3. talk show (for television)---done by groups

4. impromptu speaking (individually)---they pick topics to be discussed on the spot

5. debate (choose one method, preferrably Oregon-Oxford)

6. Speech choir (creative or interpretative)

7. jazz chanting (by groups)---with choreography, costume, music

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Zhu said...

I'd take some of the suggestions here. I'm a French teacher and I must admit I hate speech classes but hey... why not if I make them interesting ?