Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dewey's first speech

Dewey, my grandkid who is not exactly five yet will deliver her first speech in front of her classmates. It is a "show and tell" class activity wherein kids are asked to bring any object or picture of an object that starts with letter Aa. I bought her an apple and her speech goes this way:

This is an apple.

It is color red. (For this second sentence I wanted her to say "Its color is red" but she insists on saying this) I like to eat this apple. Thank you very much. (then she makes a bow)

Isn't that sweet? How about you? Can you remember your first public speaking experience? How was it?


ignored.15 said...

hi ma'am!! how are you? im doing an essay on gay marriages? any ideas on starting or ending it? what's a good side bah? tnx!!

ignored.15 said...

this is roxanne diay..

ignored.15 said...

you can email me at or

funny said...

HiRox! I have e-mailed what I think about the issue. See you around! The best way to contact me is through my blogs? See? Action dayon!