Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kids exhibit public speaking skills in grand debate

Eight kids between the ages 8 to 15 exhibited exemplary skills in the art of public speaking and debate in the evening of June 9 at the Felipa Garden El Oriente Hotel, Dumaguete City held . Using the modified Oregon-Oxford format, the kids debated on the truth or falsity of the issue resolving that poverty hinders people from achieving success. The debaters who composed the affirmative side were Rassel Mercado (1st speaker), Dianne Uymatiao (2nd), Michaela Malabed (3rd) and Bien Llanes as rebuttal speaker. The negative team was composed of Rio Llanes (1st speaker), Angel Ordonez (2nd), Jea Perez (3rd), and Charla Co (rebuttal speaker). HOst of the show was Mark Xander Fabillar, also the asst. coach/trainer. The kids were trained by Ms. Glenda Fabillar, English/Speech teacher and talent coach/trainer.

The panel of judges was headed by Dr. Batchiba Lacdo-o, chairman; Letzah Jo Sienes-Duran and Rodel Deloria, members. The judges chose the negative side as winner.

The kids were amazing! Kudos to the parents for having such great kids!

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