Monday, June 18, 2007

Campus journalists chosen

Congratulations to the following who made it to the screening for this year's Paulinian corp of writers held yesterday at SPUD campus. The following have been chosen to act as editor, Ryan Jay Riconalla; associate editor, Sheena Armentano; news editor, Bovir Ada; Features Editor, Elma Gayo; Columnists, Gregorio Lanaja (NOthing Personal); Christopher Crisostomo( Campus Romance ) Cristina Rivera (Pointblank); Louella Chiu (Over a can of Soda); Bovir Ada (Online); Reporters/contributors: Regina Elmaco, Jirah Sumada, Aubrey Somoza.

Please e-mail all your articles to and leave your concerns, comments, whatever in this blog by leaving it under comment.

Duties and responsibilities:

The Editor sees to it that all the articles are in before deadline which is on June 21. He therefore makes the follow-up with all writers. He will take charge of writing the editorial and the headline story every issue. He also does the lay-out in hard copy and hands the same to the adviser on the deadline. He sees to it that photos are with appropriate/relevant captions which can be in hard copy or e-mailed to the same address above. In short, he takes responsibility of seeing to it that articles submitted are well-written. He therefore needs to work closely with other staff members to make this happen. He may set a regular meeting with them to ensure that work is in progress and getting completed.

The Associate Editor will take the place of the editor in case he is not around. She assists him in all the work. She goes after reporters and news writers to see to it that articles submitted are of good quality. She will also take charge of writing a sub-editorial per issue and one feature story (about anything). She will coordinate with the editor in matters concerning the progress of the paper. Remember, the goal is to be able to release the 1st issue on July 1. Can we make this happen? Based on past experience, yes, we can.

Columnists will submit their columns with photo to the editor or associate editor. the columns should vary in themes: Nothing Personal will deal on everyday happenings on campus but make sure that you make the presentation interesting. Pointblank will tackle local issues of the community and how these issues affect schools or students. Over a Can or Bottle of Soda is something like a chitchat over a cup of coffee---it deals with small talk but not really because in a way these trivial things also affect the general flow of events. Campus Romance talks about that but please do not use any language of adult nature. Online talks about what's in and out in the internet world. Keep the readers updated on the latest online tidbits. REporters or contributors are expected to submit one news and one feature story per issue.

Note: Please don't forget your bylines written this way---- by Lydia Lapus (example only)

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