Monday, June 25, 2007

lesson guide for English for Koreans Part 11

Koreans who come to the country to learn English only have a month or two to learn the language. The teacher should use all her creative power inorder to make lessons achievable within the targetted time frame.

Based on a personal experience I had with Koreans, most of them either have little or zero knowledge of the English language. This being the case, the teacher must work on where they are:

1. Start with the English alphabet making sure that the sounds of each letter is said correctly. Do the same with numbers. Then start every lesson with this until the learner has mastered the correct production of sounds.

2. Vocabulary building. Build his vocabulary every single day. Start with simple words then move on to more complicated ones. Start with words that he encounters everyday.

3. Start teaching him simple sentences. Always make him say orally the sentences he writes.

4. Have reading time every session. Make him read a paragraph every meeting and see to it that you give feedback and corrections when necessary.


Jaculbe said...

It seems that many koreans have their education applied here in the Phillipines it is because they want to know how to speak english language well.

Jaculbe said...

Koreans are true to their decisions in having been educated here it is bacause many teachers knows how to teach the english language well.

Jaculbe said...

Many koreans studied here in the Philippines it is because of the low wage rate of education here in the Philippines. And many teachers are very professional in teaching the english language, and the standard of english is high compared to Korea.