Sunday, June 10, 2007

start them early

When does one start to train a child for public speaking? The earlier, the better. For as long as the child has already started to talk, the parents can condition the kid to like being on stage, that speaking in front of many people is a most pleasant experience. Onstage he will feel at home like fish is in water.

This was what happened to the kids who participated in the debate on June 9 when eight kids debated using Oregon-Oxford on whether poverty is a hindrance to success or not. Eight kids, ages 8 to 15, surprised the audience of parents with their impressive presentation of arguments and interpellation. It was one of a kind because kids as young as 8 already managed to stand up in front of an audience to debate. As the chairman of the board of judges Dr. Lacdo-o put it, it was a "breakthrough" because for the first time it was shown that children are also capable of showing their skills in public speaking.

It was a successful debate with the negative side winning over the affirmative.

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