Wednesday, June 27, 2007

English as supplemental subject

English as a subject should be made relevant to the learners' needs, taking into account their course and how the subject may be used or applied in the workplace.

Teachers of English seem to be engrossed in teaching the subject only, neglecting to see the relevance of the subject in the context of the learners' course. For instance business students, so different from nursing students, would need more exposure to business jargon and the whole business commmunication process. Engineering as well as computer students will be more empowered and more hireable if they know how English works in their own fields.

It is about time that English teachers need to refocus their strategies toward the strengthening of their English program by making it more responsive to the needs of the workplace.

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Jaculbe said...

We all know that english is the universal language. It is the language that majority of the people knows. We filipinos are gifted by this because before we are colonized by the American people. By this we can speak clearly and smoothly especially if we are educated on it. Thats why many foreigners, especially the Koreans studied here because of benefits of eduacation especially learning english language well. As i know, english language originates from england and the accent of english person is the original. Thats why the motherland of the United States is England.