Saturday, January 20, 2007


Naughty was the name we gave to the first pet my two kids had. I had always been a dog-lover since I was a kid myself but when I had my own children I knew that having a pet dog would have several complications. So we did not have any pets at all until one day we heard the cries of a puppy somewhere near the house. The househelp said it came from the vacant area nearby and it was from a cute white puppy which was obviously abandoned by whoever it was that owned it. My two children and I went to the place where we saw a white and very cute puppy which seemed very lost. The abandoned puppy wagged its tail when I tried to whistle for it. However, thoughts of the complications of having one dog in the house made me decide against it but my kids wouldn't hear of it most especially when the puppy followed us. That was when I consented and adopted the puppy which was female, probably the reason why it was thrown away by its owner. We named her Naughty because she had been quite playful who destroyed many of our things. Naughty soon gave us more puppies than we could handle. Her first batch of litters consisted of nine healthy puppie of different colors: black, brown, white, spotted, striped. She delivered them inside the house and we even assisted her for she wanted us to be there when she delivered them one by one. That experience was followed by many more deliveries for even when she was already old, Naughty continued to bring forth more and more puppies.

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