Saturday, February 17, 2007

my daughter's b'day, Feb. 17

Hello! It's quite late right now, we just had our simple birthday celebration of my daughter's 22nd natal day. I've been away for quite some time because I got busy with another blog I have which promises to give payment. Aside from that I have also just started as an active member of My other blog is at in which some entries there can be found here. I have already close to 200 blogs there but they are still in disarray as I have not done anything to categorize and fix the entries into some interesting order. But I will do that as soon as someone will start for me. I mean, I still need to learn many things here. I got excited when I came back because I thought I have lost what I have started here. My last post here was on Jan. 20 and it's Feb. 17---almost a month! Anyway, I will be coming more often because I have now decided to have an entirely different kind of blog wherein I will talk about my daily earnings and frustations in two paying sites.

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