Saturday, January 20, 2007


Most women are frightened of the idea of menopause because it brings with it a lot of unwelcome signs of aging, ill health, infertility, etc. According to those who have reached this phenomenon in their lives, menopause results to many mysterious illnesses ranging from headaches, hot flushes, muscle pains, itchiness, moodiness and the likes. However, there are some women who don't give a hoot about menopause and I am one of them. For me, I don't care. It is bound to come, so what? At 52, I must be on my menopausal stage now. I am not sure because I never have given this much thought until today. It struck me suddenly that I have not been entertaining my "monthly visitor" for many years now. Yes, and I mean many years for I had stopped buying sanitary napkins for a long, long time now. It just stopped without much ado. I could not even remember when it stopped coming. I do not have an OB-Gyne that I go to for monthly check up. I met my sister's OB-Gyne one day (she is also my acquaintance) and I just asked her opinion about some nagging pains I felt somewhere below the stomach and she retorted, "See me at my clinic so I can also make money." Ha,ha, ha. You bet I didn't show up at her clinic. I only did some water therapy and the pain just disappeared. You see, doctors have a way of giving labels to everything you feel. They give you illnesses in other words. At the moment I leave everything to Him. As I said in one of my posts, I have been confined in the hospital only twice during my two deliveries and I know that there is really someone greater who is taking care of us. Yes, I must have reached my menopause sans the headaches, itchiness, etc. My fertile days are over and I am not crying for they left without even saying goodlbye.

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