Friday, January 19, 2007

second delivery

My second child was delivered in a local government hospital because the cost of giving birth in a private hospital was just too much. Anyway, babies just get delivered whether you have the money or not. What is important is that you know how to hold your breath and push properly. This I learned from my mother who only finished Grade 6. When I noticed blood spots on the ninth month, I wasted no time and went to the hospital, this time expecting to have my second child. Without much ceremony I was instructed to proceed to the delivery room where I once again revealed my "soul" to those around. In public hospitals patients do not have much choice. Hospital people just walk in and out of its swinging door and even the maintenance crew can get as much glimpse of what they are not supposed to see----your very soul. I was doing my labor in a most laborious fashion because the delivery table did not have any handles or clutches for me to hold on to as the pain progressed. My two arms were dangling from the sides of the bed and at that moment I only had the face of my mother as she demonstrated how a real "utong" can lead to a faster delivery. Yes! I made it after two "utongs". But the pains of giving birth does not stop there. The following morning when you're still bleeding and your wound is still fresh, a sweet young nurse who never had any child, comes in to tell you to stand up and wash. This is supposed to be "early ambulation" when mothers are encouraged to move around after delivery. But what the heck! This was my body and I knew when it was capable of moving and being washed. Likethe first time I followed my body. No. I did not stand up to wash myself for I felt like my body would split if I did. It was an aide who did that---that's their job.

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