Saturday, January 6, 2007

giving birth

One of the most harrowing but unforgettable experiences I had was giving birth to my two children. The first one was particularly difficult. I could remember vividly on September 16, 1983 that I was in my last morning class when I started to feel some pains around my stomach. I did not expect to give birth yet for my sister told me before this that I would experience terrible pains when I was going to deliver the baby. At that time the pain was just bearable so I thought it could only be some gas. I still did the cooking for lunch bearing the pain when I remembered what the doctor said on my last visit-- to see her when I felt any pain. So my husband and I headed to the hospital right after lunch. I told the nurse that I was there for check up because I was feeling some pain. The nurse pointed to a door marked "Delivery Room" so I said, "I am not here to deliver a baby. I am here for a check up." But she still motioned me to the delivery room. My heart began to beat wildly for I was not prepared to deliver a baby at that moment. My thoughts were negative, that I was not going to make it, that I was going to die. I cried like I've never cried before because I was so afraid at that time. As I stepped into that room, I was given a hospital gown and a pair of sanitized slippers. I could not believe it! I was going to have a baby and I did not know if I was going to make it or not. Stories had been told about how giving birth could cost the life of a woman. It is a woman's ultimate test of endurance and I knew that a woman so thin like myself at that time has little chances of surviving this test of tests.In the labor room I was instructed to do as I wished---lie down, stand up, whatever while experiencing labor pains. So I asked, "Isn't there any way of alleviating the pain?" The pain had progressed into unbearable level. It was only around 3:00 in the afternoon and the doctor said that I was going to have the baby middle of the night yet. Imagine having to bear the pain from three 0'clock until midnight. However, things have moved faster for at around 4:00 I felt something "burst" in where the baby was supposed to come out. So I called the nurse who immediately transferred me to the delivery room where I was shaved and prepared for the delivery. The doctor had to be recalled for I was going to have the baby at that moment and not at midnight. Then the ordeal began.A young nurse, obviously fresh from college and single, was giving me instructions as to how I was going to hold my breath and push when the time came. I did exactly as instructed but the progress was next to nothing. I could not push the baby out. Nurses were helping me by encouraging me to push. At eight 0'clock in the evening they became worried for I was supposed to deliver the baby already. The hospital at CDCP Mining in Basay did not have any equipment for a caesarian delivery so the doctor decided to cut me and pull the baby out. I closed my eyes when the doctor told me that she had given me local anesthesia so she could start cutting me there. I closed my eyes and said, "This is it. I am now going to die."

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