Thursday, January 18, 2007


Many times in the faculty room I would overhear my co-teachers talk about how "bitchy" their mothers are or were, how their constant naggings destroyed their everydays. During those spontaneous exchanges or comparisons, I am proud to say that I have nothing of similar content to contribute for I had the most docile, kind, and peace-loving mother in the world. I did not or do not want to insult those who only have negative things to say about their mothers just because I only have good memories of "nanay". She had always been a dressmaker since time immemorial. She had sent all three of us to school through her earnings or income as an honest and good dressmaker. She'd skip meals, sleep late, wake up early just to finish work as promised to customers. We never heard her grumble nor complain about anything. And she did her best to feed, clothe and send us to school. There were times though that she had to say no to certain things we wanted for she just didn't have any extra cash for those. Like when I begged her that I wanted to enrol in ballet school. She never said that she could not afford it. She'd give reasons like it is not good for our fragile bodies and that it is just a waste of time. Secretly, I knew that it was the absence of extra money. Nevertheless, I still consider her as the best mother in the world. She gave us everything that she could afford without a grumble. She never uttered anything bad about anyone. In fact she had helped several neighbors who sought for her help. Nanay died at 82 spending much of her remaining years in darkness for my mother became blind due to catarract. If I only had the means at that time for a laser operation I would have made her few remaining years happier.

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