Monday, December 25, 2006


Years back, growing old was such a painful thought. I had to do a lot of lying regarding my age. I would take off five to 8 years from my age because "old" seemed to be an embarrassing thing in the past. However, after meeting and talking with a lot of "seniors" especially on the net, I have come to terms with the reality of my age. Now I can say my real age without any guilt because I am now able to accept the fact that I am already 52 years old. Some people say I look younger anyway, so that should be a bit of a consolaltion. And probably my having my first and only granddaughter who is now four years old has a lot to do with this. I am 52 and a grandma. But my granddaughter calls me mommy. Her real mommy, my daughter, fell in love at the wrong time with the wrong person. She got pregnant at 16 and became a mother at 17. Because of her tender age, I had to play a major task in raising the baby. All these and the things that are happening now are accepted as part of life and I am thanking our Creator for all the things He had given me and my family.

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dave dales said...

reaching your age miss can be consider as one of the best achievements in your life..if ever ill reach that age i should be thankful to the almighty because he let me live at that age..

and about your daughter, its good that you had accepted the thing that had happened..if not because of her you will not have a very cute and smart grandchild...God had a purpose of what had happened... :)

by: dave dales, BBA-2