Friday, November 30, 2007

setting the standard

People in media are actually setting the standards for us, what ought and what ain't done. Without us knowing it, viewers are bombarded with a lot of trash everyday, trash in the sense that instead of developing or improving our way of life, some shows just pull us all down into the gutter. so what's the standard? Is it locally based? Do we have our own little standard in our own little corner of this world? What characterizes quality? Do we even know it when we see one?

I think local media should exert all its efforts in raising their standards whether morally, aesthetically, or intellectually. It is part of their duty to do this because they play a huge role in shaping the minds of the young. Whether they like it or not, their programs tell the viewers that "this is it", "this is how things ought to be done". Ouch. No wonder the next generation carries on the same blunders and the same level of mediocrity. Please. Let us see improvement in this area---not just a speck of it but tons of it NOW.

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