Sunday, November 11, 2007

why I'm not going to the David Pomeranz concert

It's not that I don't know the singer. In fact, many years ago when I was partly working at an FM station I used to play his albums early in the morning while everybody's having breakfast. It's just that when I heard that he was coming over to Dumaguete, my initial reaction was like, "Why only now?" I think he just came too late, that his popularity has waned and that his concert no longer sparks any interest in me. I thought I'd rather stay home and listen to more popular songs if I want to.

I have a different idea of concerts. I want to go to a concert where I can clap my hands and do some dancing in my seat. I do not want to go to a concert where I only sit to listen coz I can always do that at home. I want a concert with lots of dancing in it and where I can openly scream and laugh.

Call me a killjoy but a David Pomeranz concert isn't exactly my type of concert.

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