Saturday, November 24, 2007

earth-shaking questions in pageants are passe

Gone are the days when beauty candidates had to memorize formulas in response to earth-shaking questions like "How do you describe the woman of the new Millennium?"

Candidates are more appreciated and better judged based on their spontaneous answers to spontaneous questions. We want to hear and see spontaneity in our contestants but how can we do this when we ask such boring questions as:

1. What is the best career for a woman?

2. What is the biggest role of women in our society?

3. What challenges do our women of today have to deal with? (I mean, this one could be better)

But questions that require big answers are just laying the ground for memorized and formulated answers.

If you have observed in international pageants, final questions now lean towards casual questions that need quick and brilliant answers. A question like "What makes you blush?" could send the woman who gives the smartest answer to the throne.

There is no need to memorize answers when questions are upbeat.

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