Thursday, November 29, 2007

discipline ain't savagery

I am all for discipline in school and at home because it is only through this that we can enjoy life and enjoy peace in our community. Without this as an important component of education, our community will soon be full of rascals and criminals. But please, discipline has nothing to do with violence or other forms of physical assault that lead to physical injuries. That is no longer discipline but savagery.

Discipline is done for the good of the person being disciplined. It has limits and its purpose is always for the betterment of the human being. If it leads to violence or worse, death, then it is not discipline anymore but murder.

A stepfather of a two-year-old kid recently killed the kid by throwing her against the wall resulting to head injuries that killed the child. The stepfather reasoned out and used the term "discipline" to explain what he did. Discipline? That's murder.

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