Thursday, July 5, 2007

benefits of reading aloud

Yesterday I opened a discussion on reading at Mylot and I was amazed to discover that only a few, one or two, find time to do loud reading. Majority of the members read silently and do not see the value of reading aloud.

Of course, if loud reading is to be done, it is either in public (with an audience) or alone in the cozy nook of your room where no one will be bothered by the noise you create.

Loud reading is one of the best ways of training for effective speaking. You get to practice you tongue to say words correctly or properly. Loud reading enables you to give life to the story, poem, essay, or what-have-you and could lead to better comprehension.

This is especially effective in literature classes. The best service a teacher can do to her students in teaching literature is to give life or drama to the literary pieces the students are reading and this can be done through interpretative loud reading wherein the teacher reads the selection aloud in the most dramatic fashion using the voice and a minimum of body language.

Literature is meant to be shared and enacted. It started out as something that needs to be heard rather than read. Today, much reading is done in silent mode.

To be better appreciated and understood, literature should be shared, heard, and understood through the use of a simple method called "reading aloud"----choral, solo, by pairs---it is all up to the literature teacher.


Jaculbe said...

I truly believe in this idea. Reading with a loud voice. Before i usually read in silence especially when i study. But i prefer to read in a silent and peaceful place to experience the ambiance of the surroundings. Based on my experience reading aloud can help develop my english skills in pronouncing it, and by this its 100% effective. So guys if you want to have a better english pronounciation better read aloud.

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