Saturday, July 7, 2007

Literature as a reading class

We know the value of reading and the huge role it plays in the development of students' communication skills in English. However, when you look into the curriculum of most courses in college, you will be brought to the fact that courses in business, IT, nursing, and even education require only one literature subject throughout their 4-year stay in college. In one course, students enrol in Philippine literature without any background or introductory course to the subject. Students miss out on how the world's great classics came to be known as such and how the great thinkers and writers of ancient Greece have shaped the standards of today's works of art.

There is only one way to study the literature of any country or any period and it is through reading. Literature, so far, is one of the most comprehensive subjects in the curriculum which aims to teach sensitivity at the most and communication skills as well. It is gravely pathetic that our students, who are paying much to get a well-rounded education, are only exposed much of their time to subjects that won't be of much help to them in the future. Why this seemingly lopsided focus on this matter? It is because the deans and heads themselves are products of the same curriculum and are not really qualified to assess and revise such outdated and weak curricular offerings.

Assessment and revision of the curriculum to include more literature subjects should be done immediately if we are to prevent the further deterioration of our educational system in this country.


Jaculbe said...

Literature is one of my english subjects before. Studying these is a great help in applying it in our daily lives. I had studied Philippine before and i realized how important our literature is. But ther is also an important of studying literature especially in studying the literaure of foreign country/s. One of the best country that developes arts and literature is the Greek, because as we all know the mythology originates here, also there magnificent architechtures was developed and also the olympics was first held in Greece.

Greggorio lanaja said...

Possible reasons why the majority dont want any literature included in our curriculum:
1. adds more to the expenses
2. be better to focus on major subjects.
3. Some thinks in doesnt apply to any field you may get into the near future.