Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a misconception

Students studying literature usually think of the subject as a study of the past, period. It needs some amount of explanation for them to see that literature not only embodies or reflects the sentiments and soul of the past but also those of the present as well as the future. It is a subject that knows no time nor boundaries because it is a study of life. To say that it will not profit you in the future is pure ignorance. For there is no other subject that tackles universal issues on love, gender, kindness, sensitivity, pride, etc. than the subject of literature. Math, Philosophy, Psychology, Accounting, Bookkeeping are nothing without the basic human values learned in literature subjects.

Literature softens the rough edges of human nature. It humanizes the merchant when he learns that money is just money and that life and relationship weigh greater in the hierarchy of values. One is missing the whole point in saying that it is of lesser value compared with other sciences and fields of study.

Life is all-encompassing. It embraces man's reasons for being. It is the most universal topic that incorporates with it man's struggles with numbers, money, love, philosophy of life, psychological phenomena, scientific breakthroughs and what-have-you. No other subject tackles such gigantic subject as life than literature. To say that it is of lesser importance compared to any major subject in school is simply missing the beat. And there is only one way of changing this misconception---through a deeper and more meaningful study of literature.

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