Thursday, December 21, 2006

frustrated ballerina

I know that I would have been a very good choreographer now, teaching others how to dance instead of teaching Literature, had my late mother supported my desire to enrol at a ballet school when I was a young girl of 10. All my friends , neighbors and playmates were enrolled at a nearby ballet school where I would watch and wait outside instead of learn the steps with them because my mother wouldn't hear me. I'd been pleading on the verge of tears that I would like to enrol but she wanted none of it, said that it would only forcibly stretch and destroy our fragile bodies. Looking back now, I think I was very pathetic for I was dying to dance with them as I watched their practices everyday. At home, I would lock myself in a room and follow or imitate all their moves. I watched all their concerts even if I had to go alone. And after each concert I would try to do the dances by myself even if it was in the middle of the night. Oh, how I loved ballet then. I still love to dance and can already afford to go to a ballet school but I am too old for that. I guess I will forever remain a frustrated ballerina for I never got to wear those tutus and dancing shoes.

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dave dales said...

it was not really for you miss...although you wasnt able to fulfill being a ballerina but you are a good teacher to us..all the things you taught us will really help us if we are going to face the real world..we are very thankfull that you became our english teacher coz you really impart to us the knowledge that we really needed...thanx...

by: dave dales, BBA-2