Thursday, December 21, 2006

Word is Power

Yeheeeeyyyy! At last, I have finally made my own blogspot that I can visit or express my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. I'd been dying to have this and I have just discovered this by accident, that I could actually create my own blog here. Why do I want this? Well, as the title says, "Word is power". It is words that move mountains because they symbolize our very thoughts and feelings. At my age, I have already gained a number of experiences and had gathered some interesting observations which I've been dying to share all these years. At last I can now do it and can even share them with everybody. I have chosen "everyday wear" as the name of my blog because I will be talking about the simplest and most mundane of subjects. There will be no highbrow literary expression here. The ideas, like your street clothes or house clothes, will be common and simple coming from someone also as simple. I admit though that I also have my own complicated side but we will get to that later. To those who visit, I welcome you and invite you as well to come again as I will be writing about something everyday. Enjoy, learn, have fun!

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