Tuesday, December 11, 2007


People vary in the ways they deal with things. For instance, people in smaller and slower paced cities have the tendency to take appointments for granted. The value of time never exists here. They just cancel out appointments for not much of a valid reason. This is the best example of unprofessionalism or provincialism. Even finishing a college degree does not help. The habit acquired since birth will always surface and so they break commitments and not push through with appointments.

Huh? Can you just tell someone after you've made an agreement that you are cancelling out because of this and that reason which you failed to see beforehand? No matter how you look at it your provincial mentality is the root of it all because if not because of that you would have had the decency or common sense to see to it that everything is clear before entering into any agreement with someone or anyone.

It's annoying, you know.

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