Saturday, December 15, 2007

my first alumni homecoming

Not really big about alumni homecoming, I attended my first ever anyway mid of this month because I was tasked to do the emceeing. Otherwise I would have skipped that too like I'd been skipping them for the past.....hmmmm.....many years. It was a high school alumni homecoming and I've finally seen once again my former batchmates no longer firm and trim but more like "mature" men and women who now know the secrets of life and living. Photos of us back in high school were flashed on screen and there we were, taut, young, all thin, and oh so innocent. We looked so unknowing and so sweet. Suddenly there's this feeling of sadness that overwhelms one when you think about how good those days were and how you wish you could have stopped time so you could have remained so young and beautiful.

Now, 35 years after that happy stage of our lives we can only pretend to smile and be happy to be able to make it to that reunion. Many are no longer able to join because they had left the world and are now situated somewhere.

Will I attend another homecoming next year or the years to come? It depends.:)

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