Friday, December 14, 2007

on writing the term paper

The schoolyear is almost ending and majority of our fourth year high school students in the country are now facing what they dread-----writing the term paper.

I too wrote my first and last term paper in college, not in high school. Unfortunately, I did not learn it the right way. I mean, we weren't taught the nitty-gritty steps of truly making one so I admit that there was a lot of plagiarism that went into the completion of the paper. It is embarrassing to admit but about 95% of it was plagiarized because our teacher did not exactly show us the proper way of making an honest paper.

I learned how to make one when I started teaching the subject. Of course, I had to study and master the subject to be able to teach and make my own students understand the whole procedure. I devised a way of making my students write their own term paper in the easiest and most honest fashion. I had developed a procedure that will ensure that no plagiarizing happened. I did this for a number of years and later on I noticed that teachers from other schools have adopted the same method. Of course, I am happy about it.

What are the easy steps in making your own honest paper? That will be the subject of discussion on my next blog.

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