Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney Spears is bald!

Celebrity Britney Spears just recently barged into an unknown beauty salon and demanded to have her hair shaved. When the beautician did not want to do it, Britney did the shaving herself and when she looked in the mirror gasped and said something like her mother will not be happy about it. People working with the star had noticed that Britney had been acting weirdly these past few days. She had been whining and complaining a lot and had given way to her emotional outbursts in many instances.


Anonymous said...

well, probably she did shove her head just to catch the attention of the media,coz undeniably her career is on the low tide..

Lhorine Busarang

dave dales said...

she did dat crazy thing just to catch tha attention of everyone coz obviously she dont have any career now...britney is really insane now that she is unfamous..she really shows how stupid she is just to go back the world of showbiz..

by: dave dales, BBA-2