Sunday, January 6, 2008

they want their kids to look their age

The latest singing sensation in the world is a 15-year-old Filipina, a petite girl named Charice who performed in Ellen Degeneres' show where the child impressed the host as well as the audience who gave the girl from the Philippines a standing ovation.  It was not only the powerful voice of Charice which captivated the hearts of foreign audiences.  It is her image as well, an image of a genuine child.

People are tired of child celebrities who are dolled up and dressed up like old entertainers.  They are tired of child celebrities acting and behaving like sexy adults.  The girl from the Philippines will certainly serve as a good role model to all the youth in the world.  Everybody hopes that Charice will not succumb to the lures of the material world, that she will remain as she is.

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