Monday, January 14, 2008

interviewing skills

It pays to know interviewing techniques, how to ask relevant questions and give winning answers.  We are often made to handle situations that require this skill of being able to ask the right questions and answer them as well when they are thrown your way.  It is much like preparing for the interpellation period in a debate or the cross-examination in court.  The skill starts with the ability to LISTEN with your mind.

As the interviewer, you need to listen to the responses that the interviewee is giving, and as the one being interviewed, you need to listen very well to the questions being asked in order to give the best answer.

Follow the thinking of your interviewer. Anticipate questions and responses and be ready to respond accordingly.  It is good to have a set of questions prepared beforehand but use these only as a crutch or to fill in the gaps.  Otherwise, be spontaneous, adjust the situation to the person you are interviewing.  Be flexible and be genuinely interested in the person you are interviewing.

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