Thursday, January 31, 2008

Human Securities Act: Does it violate human rights?

How can something which is supposed to uphold an ideal violate it at the same time?

Skeptics have questioned the morality of the Human Securities Act which is primarily aimed at curtailing terrorism of all sorts. The new law is supposed to give assurance and protection to the public and not otherwise. Does it violate human rights? This question can only be raised by those who probably have a stake on the issue. Why? What human rights does it violate if it only aims to protect the citizenry? That is why precisely it is called the Human Securities Act because it purports to crack down on big and small types of terrorism that are openly perpetrated by some groups in our country.

My stand is for us to wait and see. The law is still in its infancy and it is too early to give final judgments. That it violates human rights still needs to be proven. We have to see concrete examples of these violations before anyone hurls any accusation against the new law.

That's just my two cents.


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