Saturday, September 15, 2007

more theory or more practice?

One English teacher has this dilemma on whether to teach her students more theory or give them more practice on the language.

I know that some teachers still follow the traditional approach of monopolizing class time with their talk or lectures. Not any more.

Today, modern-day language teachers only spend 10% of class time in presenting a lesson and giving feedback to her students. The rest of the time is spent in making the students use the language in various situations.

Usage is more important than theory. Knowledge of theory does not necessarily lead to effective communication. A good language teacher should spend more time in creating opportunities for her students to use the language in different situations.


Jun Rey S. LIm said...

I agree what really matters today are the practice for us students to sharpen our minds and knowledge in all kinds of communication.

Jun Rey S. Lim said...

I need to be teach language practice than teaching theory because language are in need this time.It is a tool for communication.

Jun Rey S. Lim said...

Today students are low average in terms of communication because they are not properly taught of the language they are supposed to know.

Anonymous said...

Kent Archie Gumalo BBA-4

i agree to have more practice than theory because if you are going to work, its your skills that will matter most to your boss.

My Pick Today said...

A little on theory and MORE on PRACTICE.Theories can easily be forgotten. But Practice makes things easier. You feel more confident on what you are talking about by knowing the material and keep on practicing.

One thing that all people who are excellent presenters have in common is PRACTICE!Practice is essential. Although it cannot make you perfect, but it will certainly make you better prepared on something.

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