Thursday, September 20, 2007

the difficulty of training old teachers

The saying, "It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks" can be said of teachers who had been in the trade for a number of years. They are the most difficult to train for they have already gotten used to their old ways that oftentimes the government or any sponsoring school is only wasting a lot of its time and money teaching these "hard-to-teach" mentors.

For one, their time. Training them long term, say one semester, eats up a lot of their precious free time. What happens is you have a case of always absent teachers.

Second, teachers are no better than their students. They too are afraid of being called to do a task in front of the class. They too come in unprepared, very late, or absent for that activity.

Now if this is the kind of teachers a school has, I pity the students who are under their tutelage. Obviously, such teachers are exhibiting a "hard to train attitude" and so the students are left with no choice but to learn from these teachers with their "old bag of tricks".

It is sad that even our very own mentors cannot even be properly trained because of their own personal resistance to be trained.

Oh, well, it's their life.

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Anonymous said...

Kent Archie Gumalo BBA-4

i think we, young generations should understand old teachers because it is normal that as they grow older they lose interests in almost everything. they need understanding from us.