Saturday, September 22, 2007

can sing, but can't speak...

Huh? How can these kids sing beautifully and not know how to answer simple questions properly? The same is true with some old people. They go up the stage to give a song number and when asked to answer a simple question in English, they could not answer it.

Are people now giving more importance to singing than to speaking? Will people admire a singer if he could not even explain his music or say anything about himself? I don't know what you think, but if you ask me, I just think any talent is useless if you could not "sell" it well. You have a product, then be ready to sell it and when we say "sell it" we mean talk about it or explain it using words or language.

No real singer succeeds if he does not know how to promote himself or his music. So I think it is not right to just focus on a single talent. What I mean is, if you have a talent, okay, polish it but along with perfecting it, you should also learn basic communication skills for you to be able to promote yourself and your product.


christopher calumpang said...

Most of the singers can sing very well and can even perform very well but lmost most of them do lack proper education. They just sing very well but doesn't even know how to speak or pronounce the correct grammar. With this, I definitely agree with the article posted that singers do only perform and sing well but do lack proper education. It is not wrong to share and show your talents but we must know our priorities first. It is nice to know and hear that singers cannot only sing well but can are also equipped with enough knowledge. We must have proper education because anyone who doesn't have good education is NO one, he is nothing. Our talents are just thier, we can always show them and may even improve them but eduaction is still avery best factor to have a good future because if you are well educated you can speak well, and this would be a ticket for a brighter future.
-thank you-
from: Christopher Calumpang.

Tosca said...

A talent is a gift from God which must be thanked by not abusing it but by using it properly. This blog entry is great because we all know that education is much A higher treasure than just a talent especially singing. A singer doesn't mean that you are limited only from vocal lessons and music as well. A singer must be inspired by anything that is felt by his/her heart. And to make lyrics of a song must be in a good sense. While mostly rock songs sell high, but it just easily forgotten through time. Having this kind of talent lasts forever, so as to what popular singers we have, they sell their songs professionally. It means to sell in a way that your song is remembered by singing it in mind and in heart, and to sell it smartly to the crowd.

[tosca danica r. aspera]

jHoaNna Lou pLanteraS said...

This article really empress me because it gives lesson to readers that a talent will not be glamourous without the ability of the person in exploring it with others..our talent is really valuable but it will not grow to the higher extent if we don't know how to promote this..we should handle it properly and we spread it correctly because its one of the best gifts that God has given to us..!!!!..

Brian T. Ta-ala said...

For me, it is true that most of the singers now a days do lack of proper education which means that they don't know how to pronounce exactly the words they sing, they just eat the words they sing.It is not how we just sing the song properly but deliver the words in a correct way. Because only education can brighten our future and no one can ever steal from it.