Sunday, December 27, 2009

teachers speaking "carabao" English?

That's simply catasrophic! A teacher, supposed to be the model to her students, is no better than a "carabao" in using the medium of instruction. That is why our graduates aren't any better because many teachers in the grade school, high school, and even in college have inherited the problem from their own teachers and so it goes on and on unless some solutions are done to screen out students who want to become teachers. I believe that this is the root of the problem. Little or no screening is done among those who want to finish a degree in education. It seems like the teaching course only succeeds in inviting students with mediocre IQs and why not? Brilliant students know which courses will lead to good pay and more opportunities. So one good way of solving this problem is by raising the standard of the teaching profession by giving educators better pay and better benefits. Otherwise, we will be hearing more "ungas" than necessary.

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