Friday, November 13, 2009

teaching is 50% knowledge & 50% communication skills

The value of having good communication skills in the teaching profession can not be taken lightly. Knowledge of the subject matter alone is not enough. A teacher in order to be effective must acquire good communication skills so he or she can effectively teach or transfer information or knowledge to the learners. However, it is sad to note that many teachers do not have the other half of the pie. As majors of the subject they are expected to know it fairly well, but that is not just enough. Being competent in the language that will be used in the teaching process is also as important. Otherwise, the transfer of knowledge will not likely to happen. Seminars and trainings should help but not much.


Maureen said...

I came upon your blog while looking for ideas for speech topics. I like this post about the value of good communication skills! Thanks, it would make a pretty good persuasive speech topic.

gRamiraf said...

HI Maureen! Thanks! I jumped over to your blog and found it very informative. I will surely go back to it.

Anonymous said...

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gRamiraf said...

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