Thursday, March 17, 2011

high school students forced to make theses?

This is now the era of teachers not knowing what they are teaching. There's the case of some high school teachers who require their poor students to write, submit and defend a thesis! Yes, a thesis, as in complete with all the characteristics of a thesis that graduate students are expected to write---Statement of the Problem, Theoretical Background, Conceptual Framework, Research Design, Methodology, Statistical Treatment, etc.----are they crazy? Don't you do your RESEARCH before teaching the subject? Por dios! Please! Don't you even go over the contents of the book you are asking the students to buy for this particular subject? It's a book for graduate students! What other trash are you teaching the students? Will you please get a book and study how to teach term paper writing or simple research writing to your high school students before attempting to teach this subject which you obviously do not know anything about?

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