Thursday, December 11, 2008

on teachers who don't teach

There is no teaching going on right now in many classes in the country, and if there is, probably only just very little teaching is happening. One boy in Grade 1 is burdened with school work he could not answer. Why? He does not even know how to read. In Mathematics, he has not even learned the concept of subtraction and addition, but his teacher does not see this. He goes ahead with the next lesson on Roman Numerals, then counting money, on and on. The boy does not even know how to read and write numbers! How can he perform the tasks assigned by the teacher? Obviously, the "teacher" is not doing any sort of teaching. He just presents a new lesson no matter what. He does not know where his students stand. He marks and crosses the boy's works in which he was getting failing marks each time.Poor, poor boy. The parents have to hire a private tutor to make the boy understand his lessons but even the tutor is flabbergasted because the classroom teacher just keeps on bringing in new lessons without thought on whether he had succeeded in making his students understand the lesson. What a rotten teacher this one is.

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