Thursday, May 8, 2008

will training & workshop help?

There are people who, from early age, just seem to be not cut for any sort of performances. One just seems to see at a very young age if a person can amount to something or can become somebody great in the future. But this kind of biased thinking may not be helpful to this group of people who probably are late bloomers and who could actually turn out to be a genius to everybody's surprise. NOthing is more frustrating than to be stereotyped as this or that, as someone who isn't and could not be somebody else in the future.

Well, I believe that a lot of things in this world can be taught and learned. Training and practice could do miracles. How did Manny Pacquiao become a world boxing champion? He got trained to be one. It also holds true to all other skills which could easily be taken as talents.

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