Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Janina San Miguel's "victory"(?)

The whole world knows the recent joke that happened during the search for Bb. Pilipinas when one winner, Janina San Miguel, still made it to a major award inspite of her outrageous answer during the interview portion. Now she's going to represent the country in seven months to the prestigious Miss World competition and everybody's biting their nails as to what could possibly happen during the big pageant if she does not straighten up her act. I mean, seven months? Is that time enough to put some sense into her or to make her express herself in straight acceptable English? How long should one learn to sound good in the international language? If you ask me, my answer is this: about your age---if you're 17, then you should have learned it for 17 years to be able to really master the language. Seven months is like asking for a miracle to happen. But let us just hope.


Jheck said...

hello ma'am i can't post in your chat box... dili makita-an... change it to cbox ma'am para dali mo load..
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gRamiraf said...

Hello Jheck,
Honestly, I do not know how changing the chatbox is going to happen. My kids just helped me in the installation of this one, but I will have to do something about it. thanks for dropping by.

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